What is claim group guarantee?

Quality- We guarantee your roof to pass our full final inspection.

Is claim group a licensed roofing contractor?
Yes. Claim Group is licensed and insured in all locations we service.
When will my roof be installed?

We are flexible with several choices of dates to pick from. Some circumstances may change your date:

  1. Weather conditions
  2. Material availability.
  3. Labor shortage.
When do my roofing materials arrive?
1-3 days before your build date is scheduled but typically the day before unless your build date is a Monday in that case they will be delivered Friday.
How long does the roof replacement process take?
Most roofs can be completed in 1-2 days. It mostly depends on the size and complexity of your project.
What happens if you find something that needs to be fixed above our scope of work during the build process?
There are not many issues in which Claim Group has not accounted for but in that case your customer service manager will be in contact with you and go over the details.
Do I need to be home when you are installing the roof on my home?
No, you will receive a pre-roofing checklist prior to execute a smooth installation.


How will I be charged for a change order?
If your roof requires an additional cost after signing your contract, such as new decking which can only be seen after the old roof has come off, we will send you a new agreement to cover the change order items. Once you have signed this, we will email your invoice for this additional charge.
When is my invoice due?
A fifty percent downpayment is required after signing your contract unless financing arrangements require project completion before issuing funding. The remaining balance of your invoice is due upon the completion of your roof installation.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept checks, all major credit cards, financing through our third party vendor.


Does my roof have storm damage?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there is a good chance you have storm damage:  

  1. Do you have any dings on your gutters, downspouts, fascia?  
  2. Do you see any of your neighbors getting their roofs replaced?
  3. Have you had heavy winds or hail in the last couple years?
If I file a claim for storm damage will it affect my insurance rates?
It depends on your carrier, but typically your insurer will not raise your rate since storm damage is not caused by your negligence. However, your rate may increase if you’ve filed multiple claims within the last three previous years. In some cases, your insurer may not approve your claim and still require you to replace your roof due to its condition before continuing to provide coverage.
Should I contact Claim Group for a damage inspection before or after I contact my insurance carrier?
If you are confident there is sufficient damage to your roof to warrant filing a claim, we highly suggested to have Claim Group perform a proper inspection before the insurance inspector so you can share the findings and nothing is missed in the insurance carrier settlement offer.
Will Claim Group be present when the insurance adjuster assesses the damage?
We do our best to be present and answer questions during the insurance adjuster’s inspection, but there are times when our schedules do not align in that case you may have to reschedule the adjuster appointment.
How soon can I expect Claim Group to perform the work after an insurance settlement is reached?
Once a claim is approved, we will work with you to finalize the specifications and product selection. Next we place your material order and schedule our installation crew. The install should take one complete day in most cases. The entire process after insurance settlement should take two to three weeks depending on weather.
If I have storm damage to my roof, will it be readily apparent?
Our storm specialist have extensive experience in this field. Claim Group storm specialists are trained to identify surface damage from severe weather that may not be apparent initially but will continue to deteriorate over time. These signs of storm damage are not always visible from the ground.
How will Claim Group identify and document storm damage to support my insurance claim?
Claim Group will mark and photograph damage and itemize materials and labor needed to restore your home.
If I allow Claim Group to inspect my property and give me a bid, am I legally obliged to use them for the repairs?
We will ask you to sign an agreement that commits you to use Claim Group if we reach an agreement with the insurance company on scope and price.
What is an insurance supplement?
Supplement is a settlement for additional work that is identified as required after the initial settlement agreement.
Will my insurance company pay me or my contractor?
The insurance company will pay you directly and in stages and you will be responsible for paying Claim Group the deductible and balance plus any upgrades you may choose.
Can I finance my insurance claim?
You may apply for financing and choose to pay for your roof over time rather than using your insurance proceeds to cover the full cost of the roof all at once.